Società di Psicoanalisi Interpersonale e GruppoAnalisi

Istituto di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia
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Ric. MIUR D.M. 29.01.2001



The Association for Interpersonal Psychoanalysis and GroupAnalysis (S.P.I.G.A.) is a national association of Psychoanalyst whose common ground is the scientific-cultural legacy which found its peak expression in the works of Karen Horney.

The Institute is recognized by the Ministry of the University and of Scientific and Technologic Research regulated by law 56/89 article 3 (The Practice of Psychotherapy) and authorized to conduct postgraduate four year courses in psychotherapy.

S.P.I.G.A. main goals are:

- To promote training, research and spread of Horney's Psychoanalytic Theory and Group Analysis;
- to establish relationship with national and international groups which have common interest;
- to participate and to encourage interdisciplinary research projects in the field of Psychology and Humanistic Science;
- to train psychoanalyst and psychotherapist for the practice of Interpersonal and Group Psychoanalysis, through the didactic and supervised clinical programs developed in its Institute.


general info

Honorary President
Prof. Vincent Alfred Morrone

Dott. Sandro Maiello

Address: S.P.I.G.A. - Via Poggio Moiano 34/c - Rome, 00199

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